An Argument for the Abolition of the Indian Reserve System and Special Race-based Laws and Entitlements for Canada’s Indians.

                                                                          (Second Edition- June 2020)

Peter Best – Lawyer- Sudbury

“The time for the healing of the wounds has come.

The moment to bridge the chasms that divide us has come.

The time to build is upon us.” – Nelson Mandela


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December 4th- Important book announcement. Professor Tom Flanagan’s and Dr. Chris Campion’s new book, Grave Errors, exposing the lies about residential schools and the so-called Kamloops mass graves. Order today!

And, read the shorter, Financial Post version of this article, published November 7th, 2023.


Under Recent Posts- #28 Posted November 28, 2023

Two Indigenous persons engineered the smuggling into Canada of 23 tractor-trailer loads of bulk tobacco, avoiding payment of $18,700,000 in customs duty. They were found guilty of different Criminal Code offences by a jury. On November 1st, 2023 all charges were stayed against them on the ground that they had been engaging in their Indigenous “legal-system”-authorized Aboriginal and treaty-authorized right to “tobacco trade”, protected by s. 35 of the Constitution Act, which rights, now fully endorsed by Trudeau’s state-suicidal UNDRIP laws, took precedence over the Criminal Code of Canada. The case is another judicial blow to Crown sovereignty, the rule of Canadian law, equality under the law and to the necessary tax revenue of the Canadian state.

By Declaring Mohawk Smuggling, Fraud, Conspiracy and Gangsterism a Constitutionally Protected Aboriginal Right the Canadian Judiciary, Lockstep with the Trudeau Federal Government, Continues Its Relentless Attack Against the Canadian State.

25 minute read. Forgive me, it’s long. But worth it, to experience the numerous disastrous trends happening now in Aboriginal court rulings. And the judgment was 365 pages long! It’s the best I could do in my attempt the fairly capture all the different essences of it.


Under Ginoogaming First Nation vs. Ontario and Michael Malouf, posted September 11th, 2023,

The 3rd instalment of the story of the small, Geraldton mining claims-holder who got legally beaten up by a neighboring First Nation band, seeing his dreams vanish, while the Ontario government basically just stood by and watched.



Explaining one of the prime rationales for the staying of the Mohawk smuggling charges, (above).

Under Recent Posts #26, posted July 20, 2023, The Trudeau Government’s UNDRIP-based Action Plan for the Destruction of the Canadian State


Under Recent Posts #25, to Canada.

A defense of the decency and honor of our non-Indigenous Canadian forefathers.


How our elites have chosen race-based, tribal values over universal, liberal, Enlightenment values.

Under Recent Posts, # 24- Canada’s Elites Have Killed Champlain’s Dream March 21, 2023


Under Recent Posts, #3 B- Dorchester Review February 23, 2023 article, co-written with Retired Professor Hymie Rubenstein, (University of Manitoba) (by the Indigenous treaty-signers!)

Under Book Reviews, #15- Canada’s New Destructive Ism: “Reconciliationism”: The movement to reverse history, divide Canadians and destroy Canada. True Reconciliation-How to Be a Force for Changeby Jody Wilson-Raybould, McLelland & Stewart, 2022      – January 29, 2023

Under Book Reviews, #17- The Hypocrisy, Wrongheadedness and Tragedy (for Canada) of the Talented Chief Clarence Louis (of the Osoyoos Indian Band), May 26, 2023 – Review of his book Rez Rules

Under Recent Posts, #22- The Federal Government’s Heedless and Unprincipled Giveaway of Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Legally Undeserving Aboriginal Litigation Claimants, January 29, 2023

Under Recent Posts, #23- The Canadian Judiciary is Not Being Seen as Independent or Impartial in Aboriginal Civil Matters, March 8, 2023


Plus, immediately below is a link to independent researcher Nina Green’s Indian Residential School documents and testimonies website. Also is a link to the Indian Residential Schools Research Group website. Browse through them and you will conclude what a bundle of lies and misrepresentations is the depiction of residential schools presented by governments, the media, academia, the Aboriginal Industry (which is profiting hugely from these lies and misrepresentations), and shamefully, even today’s Churches themselves, whose forebearers sacrificed mightily for the good of Aboriginal peoples.

Plus, an excellent recent article by James Pew about the IRS Research Group website: https:

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