An Argument for the Abolition of the Indian Reserve System and Special Race-based Laws and Entitlements for Canada’s Indians.

                                                                          (Second Edition- June 2020)

Peter Best – Retired Lawyer- Sudbury

“The time for the healing of the wounds has come.

The moment to bridge the chasms that divide us has come.

The time to build is upon us.” – Nelson Mandela

 “Liberal societies normatively should not recognize groups based on fixed identities like race, ethnicity or religious heritage… Liberalism with its premise of universal human equality needs to be the framework within which identity groups should struggle for their rights.” – Francis Fukuyama     


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Under Commentary, posted May 11th, 2024

It’s a moral and civic disgrace that Canadians are actively discouraged by our country’s elites from exercising our rights of free speech in relation to Indigenous issues.

Canada’s Elites Suppress Free Speech on Indigenous Matters


Under Book Reviews, posted May 3rd, 2024

“The knowing smug superiority… This so often seems to be the way now on the left – in academia, in media. We are better than the past. Or, the rest of you aren’t better, but we are, my allies and I. But you aren’t better than the past; you’re just lucky not to live there. Nor are you better than everyone else; you’re just readier to claim you are. Exposing the sources of Western prosperity does not in itself make you virtuous.” – William Deresiewicz – The Atlantic, May 2024

Illustrating the above:

Following the Canadian Heritage-Belittling Crowd – A Review of Conversations With a Dead Man – Indigenous Rights and the Legacy of Duncan Campbell Scott, written by Mark Abley


Under Commentary, posted April 23, 2024

“Difference” – that postmodern holy word.” – William Deresiewicz (above)

To preserve mythical “Indigenous difference”:

The Supreme Court of Canada Strips 1.8 Million Indigenous Canadians of Their Charter Rights on Their Home Reserves and Territories


Under Recent Postings, posted April 8th, 2024.

A “Stormy Sketch of a Little Town” demonstrating the illiberal and divisive consequences of the constant pushing of Indigenous exceptionalism by our elite classes.

(Apologies for certain social media postings referred to in the article not being able to be transferred by me from my original Word article to this Word Press version. Technical help welcome.)

In Personally Cruel and Totalitarian Fashion, the City Council of Quesnel, B.C. and Neighbouring First Nations Suppress a Book and Attack and Defame Those of Their Citizens Who Would Read It.


Under Recent Postings, posted March 22nd, 2024, in response to the Supreme Court of Canada recently suggesting that a women involved in a Canadian court proceeding should be referred to by the court as “a person with a vagina”. This is an example of the Court constantly breaking its own “usual rule of prudence in constitutional cases”. The Court recently expressed this rule in its disastrous Vuntut Gwitchin decision (which effectively cancelled the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on First Nations reserves and territories) as follows: “A policy of restraint in constitutional cases is sound, as it is based on the realization that unnecessary constitutional pronouncements may prejudice future cases, the implications of which have not been foreseen.” As the immediately below article demonstrates, Supreme Court Justices routinely break this sound rule, both in and out of court.

The Rule of Law and Faith in the Judiciary are Diminished When Judges Become Historians and Social Issues Partisans.


Under Recent Postings, posted February 20th, 2024, in response to the Supreme Court of Canada in a recent decision endorsing the UNDRIP-besotted federal government’s sacrifice of the best interests of an at-risk Indigenous child on the alter of illiberal Indigenous communities’ collective rights.

The Supreme Court of Canada Endorses Granting to Indigenous Communities Quasi- Property Rights in Their Children


Under Restoule v. Ontario and Canada, posted February 14, 2024.

Indigenous groups across the country are suing for joint control of the management of Canada’s public lands and natural resources.

The Restoule-created floodgates have opened. The Supreme Court of Canada Must Close Them.


Under Book Reviews, posted February 1st, 2024

 The book Grave Error Exposes the Betrayal of Canadians by Their Elite Classes

How the media, academia and our politicians misled us about Indigenous residential schools.


Under Recent Posts, January 27, 2024

Under Book Reviews, posted January 5th, 2024.

For Indigenous propagandists Duncan Campbell Scott is the lazy “go to” personification of white “settler” genocide of Indigenous peoples. In fact he was an excellent, solid, liberal-minded Canadian, (yes, a man “of his times”- who isn’t?), whose only “crime” was caring about Indigenous peoples to the extent that he wanted them, mainly through education, to be able to leave the reserve and become fully equal, participating citizens of Canada. The charge that he wanted to destroy Indigenous culture is ridiculous. In 1909, when he got his first important job in the Department of Indian Affairs, authentic, pre-contact Indigenous culture had already disappeared long before that.

An excerpt:

“Ottawa’s response to the loss of the buffalo was to pressure Indians to take up farming on their reserves as the only way they could sustain themselves. The scale of the challenge the Indians faced was not understood then, nor is it easy to comprehend it even in hindsight. In essence, the Plains Indians underwent a cultural catastrophe that encompassed every aspect of their lives-not just the material and political, but the social, the economic, the spiritual, the cultural, the psychological; each of these was either shattered or reduced to the redundant, the retrograde or, in the eyes of many outsiders, the comic. It is not easy to identify any people anywhere who have had to cope with so complete and swift an extinction of their way of life other than those defeated in war, occupied and reduced to slavery. Perhaps the best intellectual analysis of this transformational trauma is that by the American philosopher Jonathan Lear in his book Radical Hope. There, he explores the dimensions of a comment make by Chief Plenty Coups of the Crow Nation that, after the buffalo disappeared, “Nothing happened.” Chief Plenty Coups was saying that once the buffalo were gone, his people became like the living dead.”

Scott, on behalf of every government he worked for, and every government in Canada since the 1830’s, wanted to SAVE Indigenous people from this tragic situation.

A Defence of the Decency and Good Faith of the Anti-Segregationist, Treaty-Honouring Duncan Campbell Scott, Canadian Civil Servant, (by way of a book review of A Narrow Vision- Duncan Campbell Scott and the Administration of Indian Affairs in Canada)

It’s a 25 minute read. The Indigenous “residential schools were genocidal” lie is so deep-seated, (whole academic and political careers are based on it), that Mr. Scott deserves a proper, substantive defence.


Posted December 31, 2023 (Happy New Year, Reader!)

C2C Journal article posted October 23, 2023, illustrating the devastating damage “aboriginal title” causes to the Canadian economy.

And, read the shorter, Financial Post version of this article, published November 7th, 2023.


Under Recent Posts- #28 Posted November 28, 2023

Two Indigenous persons engineered the smuggling into Canada of 23 tractor-trailer loads of bulk tobacco, avoiding payment of $18,700,000 in customs duty. They were found guilty of different Criminal Code offences by a jury. On November 1st, 2023 all charges were stayed against them on the ground that they had been engaging in their Indigenous “legal-system”-authorized Aboriginal and treaty-authorized right to “tobacco trade”, protected by s. 35 of the Constitution Act, which rights, now fully endorsed by Trudeau’s state-suicidal UNDRIP laws, took precedence over the Criminal Code of Canada. The case is another judicial blow to Crown sovereignty, the rule of Canadian law, equality under the law and to the necessary tax revenue of the Canadian state.

By Declaring Mohawk Smuggling, Fraud, Conspiracy and Gangsterism a Constitutionally Protected Aboriginal Right the Canadian Judiciary, Lockstep with the Trudeau Federal Government, Continues Its Relentless Attack Against the Canadian State.

25 minute read. Forgive me, it’s long. But worth it, to experience the numerous disastrous trends happening now in Aboriginal court rulings. And the judgment was 365 pages long! It’s the best I could do in my attempt to fairly capture all the different essences of it.


Under Ginoogaming First Nation vs. Ontario and Michael Malouf, posted September 11th, 2023,

The 3rd instalment of the story of the small, Geraldton mining claims-holder who got legally beaten up by a neighboring First Nation band, seeing his dreams vanish, while the Ontario government basically just stood by and watched.



Explaining one of the prime rationales for the staying of the Mohawk smuggling charges, (above).

Under Recent Posts #26, posted July 20, 2023, The Trudeau Government’s UNDRIP-based Action Plan for the Destruction of the Canadian State


Under Recent Posts #25, to Canada.

A defense of the decency and honor of our non-Indigenous Canadian forefathers.



“It seems as though modern critics of the residential school system would have preferred Indian children to grow up illiterate, with hardly any chance of getting a mainstream job or impacting modern culture through writing, teaching or advocacy. Such criticism ignores the abuse and poverty that might have occurred at the hands of parents and relatives on the reservation, and ignores the fact that schools often provided better nourishment and health care that might have been available at home. The ” genocide” crowd’s silence on these fundamental points is deafening. Indeed, what would Pope Francis or the Canadian Historical Association have proposed in place of the residential school system, and would it stand any realistic chance of improving children’s lives?” – Historian Jeff Lynn-Paul. (Link inserted by PB.)

Immediately below is a link to independent researcher Nina Green’s Indian Residential School documents and testimonies website, which amply confirms all that historian Jeff Fynn-Paul says. Also is a link to the Indian Residential Schools Research Group website. Browse through them and you will conclude what a bundle of lies and misrepresentations is the depiction of residential schools presented by governments, the media, academia, the Aboriginal Industry (which is profiting hugely from these lies and misrepresentations), and shamefully, even today’s Churches themselves, whose forebearers sacrificed mightily for the good of Aboriginal peoples.

Plus, an excellent recent article by James Pew about the IRS Research Group website: https:

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