Federal government announces $154,000,000 plan to promote self-government for Manitoba Metis. “Just the beginning of a transformational process advancing reconciliation between Canada and the Metis people”, MMF president David Chartrand says. (cbc.ca, September 22, 2018)

Nelson Mandela is turning in his grave, as the Trudeau government, using taxpayers’ money, continues with its obsessive fixation on bogus “race” distinctions¬† amongst Canadians. This is just the beginning of a new instalment of dangerous, economically harmful, profligate Crown sovereignty-destroying behavior that will only increase the sense of racial division and apartness that is already poisoning the Canadian civic landscape. This illiberal and destructive behavior by the Trudeau government is based on the equally illiberal Supreme Court Daniels decision, that declared that Canada’s 400,00 Metis and 200,000 non-status Indians are now all “Indians” under federal jurisdiction, thereby almost doubling the number of Canadians that may be entitled to government benefits based on that “race” status. I discuss the Daniels case in chapter 15 of There Is No Difference, in which I write partly as follows:

“The author of the Daniels decision, Justice Rosie Abella, is a Holocaust descendant. That event was a horrific but logical end result of the irrational, perverse and racist blood myths that permeated Europe at the time, epitomized by the Nuremberg laws. Similarly, but with the best of intentions, Daniels defines legal rights based on “mixed ancestry” and “Native hereditary basis”- racist race terms! There’s even an uncritical reference to “Indian blood”, as if it were a biological fact, when in fact it is scientifically “nonsensical,” (Sir David Cannadine), and is antithetical to the lessons of the Holocaust! Ordinary Metis-Canadians who foolishly buy into this Trojan Horse ruling and get themselves registered on some future Metis race-registry will only see themselves regress from a state of self-supporting independence to a culture and state of dependency and economic stagnation. And, as usual, only their elites will benefit.”

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