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  1. The Novelist Anthony Trollope as a Guide and Moral Support for an Unpopular Political Argument.

  1. I wrote and self-published a book, There Is No Difference, an argument based on the Enlightenment principle of equality under the law- an argument that is seemingly and strangely forbidden entry into the Canadian marketplace of ideas- for the repeal of all laws underlying the existence of Indian reserves and all other special rights and privileges possessed by Canada’s Aboriginal peoples, and for the completion of what I regard as the already well under way process of the social and economic assimilation of Canadian Aboriginals into the mainstream of modern, urban, 21st century Canada. Follow the link below to see what the heck this has to do with the amazing, brilliant, insightful, super-prolific English novelist Anthony Trollope.

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Some of the hard truths of science are being challenged by persons who and institutions which put funding and “social justice” considerations ahead of these hard truths. The hard truth that there are only two sexes, male and female, is an example. The hard truth that there is no such thing as distinct Indigenous “blood” is another. (See my article, The Unintentional Racism Underlying the Indigenous Rights Movement, elsewhere on this website.)

The immediately below article, published in the Fall 2020 edition of the Royal Ontario Museum quarterly magazine, shows that this trend, in my opinion, is leaking into and degrading the discipline of archaeology.

My ROM Archaeology letter is the letter I sent to the ROM on February 21st, 2021 taking objection to this.

ROM Archaeology letter.docx

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